Learn to Read Quran Online

Every Muslim is required to learn and recite the Quran. The importance of learning the Quran and absorbing its message has been emphasised to no end. Anyone who makes the effort to memorise the Quran will be richly rewarded. By using the internet, a person can study the Quran whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them. In countries where qualified Online Quran Tutors are scarce, this resource can be invaluable. In this way, the need for time-consuming and frustrating efforts to locate qualified Quran teachers is mitigated.

It is highly valued that Muslims be able to recite the Quran accurately. And the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) himself emphasised the importance of reciting the Quran exactly as it was revealed. The website offers a tutor who listens to the user’s recitation of the Quran and corrects any mistakes they may find. Although Arabic is not the easiest language to learn, with the guidance of knowledgeable teachers, it can be mastered to the point where reciting and understanding the Quran for kids classes is a breeze. To ensure that our students master the rudiments of the Arabic language, our instructors place a premium on the correct pronunciation and delivery of Arabic words.

Teachings of the Quran

The question that arises now is why it is so important to correctly recite the Holy Quran. The proper recitation of the Quran is emphasised both in the text of the Quran and in numerous traditions attributed to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W. ). Due to the extreme sensitivity of the Arabic language (where a single mispronunciation can change the entire meaning of a word), one must be absolutely certain that they are reciting it correctly and without error. Tajweed refers to the study of Arabic grammar and the rules of pronunciation that are essential for accurate recitation of the Quran. Students can also learn tajweed from our online Quran teachers.

The idea of studying the Quran online is gaining traction. More and more people are turning to this technique because of how simple and effective it is. Having their children study the Quran from the comfort of home makes many parents feel safer. It’s especially helpful for those who reside in outlying areas and face logistical challenges, as it lessens their burden. Classes can run on a different schedule if the instructor is informed in advance. The one-on-one format of the sessions also allows for a heightened concentration on the learner. Girls and women who want to read and comprehend the Quran can find female teachers to help them do so.

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