How to Choose a Good Massage Table

Choose the precise length:

One of the most crucial choices you need to do not forget is the scale of the portable rubdown desk. It should be extensive enough to accommodate a wide range of customers yet narrow enough to make sure right body positioning on your behalf. Make certain you may get near enough to the desk so you can pivot at the waist and feature your shoulders squared as much as the clients hips, with your palms parallel to the customers backbone.

As a rule of thumb, the maximum popular and ergonomic choices are desk widths of 70cms (28 inches) and seventy six centimeters (30 inches). You can get 25″ wide rubdown tables, but you must handiest pick out this width in case you are shorter in top and having a wider desk will jeopardise your very own returned over the course of your profession. You also can get hour glass formed rubdown tables whereby the center segment is narrower for the therapist’s benefit of having in near and the pinnacle and bottom ends of the remedy desk are regular width so the consumer will sense relaxed.

Adjustable height:

Nowadays, almost all portable tables massage tables include peak adjustable legs. A desk have to include a extensive peak range to accommodate all size of therapists and cater for a vast variety of therapies. A commonplace height variety of massage tables is 60-83cms and this top variety ought to cater for nearly everyone.Again do the fist clench check I describe underneath in case you are uncertain.

Weight of table:

The weight of folding massage tables normally ranges from 12-21Kg’s. The weight of the massage desk should be a number one difficulty if you intend on making regular name outs or visits to clients in their homes or commercial enterprise. If this is the case, then try to intention for a desk of 14kg’s or underneath. The lighter the higher. If you’re a domestic or hospital based totally therapist, something as much as 21kg’s ought to be nice so that you can fold it up, placed it away and/or circulate it from room to room conveniently..

You can get tables as mild as 8kg’s, but in my opinion, if you may have the funds for them at round £800, you then don’t want to earn an earnings from being a therapist!!

Lighter massage tables are generally made from aluminum as it is a lighter material than timber. But this additionally pushes up the cost of the massage desk as aluminum as a uncooked material is lots extra luxurious than wood.

If you find a heavier table that you like, you may overcome its weight a little by using investing a rub down table trolley to wheel your rub down table around in. They are a fairly new product to the United Kingdom and as of but I haven’t begun to check one out however I have heard from buddies that they arrive in accessible on mobile visits.

Wood or aluminum?:

This is a commonplace question I get requested. Many instructors advocate their students to get wooden tables due to the fact that is what they have got used and aluminum rub down beds are a fairly recent innovation (circa 5 years). Please notice when I say aluminium I do not imply steel or metal which older tutors can also confuse as being aluminium.

My contemporary massage mattress for cellular paintings is aluminum and I need to say I select it to my wooden massage tables. It is more potent yet lighter. I assume aesthetically talking timber massage tables can be less complicated on the eye however don’t be a sucker for true appears when personality (capability in this situation) is more essential!)

For extra strenuous treatments along with sports massage I could personally propose an aluminum massage table. Some tables have timber legs however have an aluminum frame, that is a compromise in weight reduction.

At the end of the day it is a private desire which you’ll have to make with both options having professionals and cons. I pick aluminium first off due to the fact I experience they get up to more abuse and secondly they may be mild enough to take to video games, matches and mobile visits on a regular basis.

Working weight:

Working weight of the desk is the amount of weight a desk can take unfold out flippantly or proportioned lightly across the floor of the desk, all through ordinary treatments.

Standard operating weights are around the 450lb mark with a few presenting up to 500lbs. Bear in mind that the purchaser weights that you might often come into contact range from a hundred and twenty-250lbs and you will in no way really need to apply the higher give up of the 450lbs working weight.

A phrase of caution, after I first began out many years ago I broke the bottom board of one in all my tables. It turned into definitely my patron, but I say I broke it because I should have advised or helped the fellow to show.

When a consumer is susceptible for a while and turns supine they’re frequently a chunk weary and flip in a short and jerky movement. I am certain you have skilled this yourself while receiving a treatment. During the quick turn, if the momentum of the purchaser turning is pushed via a small area of the body consisting of the elbow or knee it creates a whole lot of pressure through one point. The endorsed working weight need to be unfold out calmly throughout the desk. I desire this data helps prevent what happened to me, taking place to you.

Foam thickness:

The foam to your therapy table is essential for 2 reasons. Firstly, the client’s stage of consolation is evidently very crucial. Secondly, the long time wear and appearance of your desk is suffering from the density of the froth. The better the density, the more the substance between the air pockets of the foam. Over time a higher density foam will now not sag or flatten developing an extended lifestyles on your rubdown table. Cheap rubdown tables along with the ones determined on eBay these days have a tendency to have thin low density foam.

I became on a weekend ruin away just earlier than Christmas and popped into a rub down therapist inside the town I was travelling. I got on the rubdown table and it felt very unsafe, I didn’t inform the female that I turned into also a rub down therapist as I didn’t want to make her feel too aware of what she become doing. The foam was in order that skinny, I changed into starting to hurt in locations. I asked her wherein she were given the table and he or she advised me she were given it from eBay.


The upholstery to your rub down table is usually made from either PU leather-based or PVC leather. I have visible certain web sites promote it “ecological” PU leather and “PU leather, oil and water-resistant” each of that is utter silly and is very deceptive. How can some thing be ecological if it’s miles mass produced in a manufacturing facility? Here is an explanation of the two, it’s miles truly quite simple:

PVC Vinyl leather is commonly the norm and is synthetic leather-based. It is just like what you’ll locate on many imitation leather-based couches and sofas. It is powerful, durable and oil and water evidence. It can be wiped easy very without difficulty.

PU Leather is as close as viable to leather that you can get synthetically. It may be very soft and feels very satisfactory against the naked skin and is likewise very strong. But it isn’t always oil and water resistant like a few web sites may additionally lead you to agree with.

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